Thursday, April 22, 2010 | By: Reenie


In many ways, things are better.... like the big credit card debt- that we had had to make so that we could go ahead with repairing the car- is slowly coming to a close, like my mate Sal is back from her honeymoon and we are once again taking our little coffee breaks, like the pocketful of Hershey’s chocolate- a proof that I was thought of during a friend’s visit to the US, like the upcoming long weekend for ANZAC day....

In many ways, things are just as they were.... like the chicken corn soup I made this weekend that upset me ‘profoundly’ by its blandness still sits in the fridge, like the kitten that can make me smile many times a day, like that email that’s sitting in my inbox, like Crazy by my side year after year- I must have done something right to deserve this....

In some ways, things are worse, too.... but I don’t want to think about them. It’s so much easier to drink a truckload of coffee and close my eyes to them and be all ‘fun n’ games’. Okay, not exactly easier- but still easier.

I make a hell lot of sense, don’t I?

Well... it’s a tricky thing and I’m far from mastering the art of ‘seeing, but not seeing’; but- trust me- with some help from the coffee and the Hershey’s- I’m getting there in record time :).

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Agnes said...

Here you are Mauzzie I found you. I like the new design :-)

Tinker said...

Yaaay! Agnes found me!!!!
I brought you here with me too, btw (see the side bar!)

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