Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | By: Reenie

A journey to another life

I am yet to book the flight- but I have set a date when I’ll fly.

Things are, as they are much often, less than ideal. I cannot elaborate on it further, I’m not ready to- but it involves a chance of not being able to see a family member when I’m there. There is more than one reason that I hate drugs..... It strips you off of many things- and not just in form of your mortality.

But- I’ll still go. I must. I’m having weird nightmares; I need to go before they somehow find a way of coming true.

It’s strange how one of the reasons I was not ready to face it for so many years is so prevalent now, and yet I am packing my bags to dive into the middle of it all. Sometimes even I cannot figure myself out.
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