Thursday, April 29, 2010 | By: Reenie

Notes to self 101

When I wait for something, I want time to go fast....

I have learnt in life that the best times are those when you are anticipating for something nice; and once the object is within reach, the magic starts to wear off. At least somewhat; or maybe it’s my ‘bipolar’ way of thinking... maybe for the rest of the world it’s mostly ‘eternal sunshine’- or maybe not. Who’d know?

But regardless...

... when I wait, I wait.

And if this ‘waiting time’ is- indeed- the ‘best’ time of the whole deal, I am working on not to let it go by worrying how empty it will be again when the wait is over.

Got to remember that.

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Agnes said...

I know what you mean... also, getting ready is half the fun, right?

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,
Yes, that too!
And when I was younger, it used to be the day before my birthday :)

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