Sunday, April 25, 2010 | By: Reenie

Rained in

It’s a rainy and cold day in Melbourne.... I listened to the calming pitter patter ALL day, looking out of the living room window many times. It’s one of those tentative and iffy rains that is so typical to this city, the kind that I’ve grown used to through the years and now even love.

But from time to time my mind is anticipative about my time two months into the future when I will be watching the wild monsoon rain from the pretty veranda of my parents’ house, oceans away from where I am now....

I always loved the monsoon rain, that’s my favourite kind!

I’m slowly letting myself get used to the idea... of going to Dhaka, of watching the rain, of standing under those big fat drops letting them drench me, of my mum’s cooking, of holding the kitten named ‘Mushroom’ that my brother picked up from the streets, of seeing my dad again....

It helps to focus on the good stuff, you see. It does. It gets easier that way to avoid the thoughts of a Dhaka without my grandmother, for example.

You see- when I’m focusing on the positives- I’m less aware of how empty Dhaka would be for me without her there... yes, despite it being one of the most densely populated cities of the world... and how I will be forced to finally accept that she is, indeed, gone.... for good.

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WarmSunshine said...

Enjoy the rain, dear.

I'm sure your grandmother is a happy soul, wherever she is. amen to that.

Tinker said...


I am enjoying the rain, with the coffee mug in my palms and the room heater on :). One of those days when you are just happy that it's a work day...

Anonymous said...

I am sure you meant to say that you're happy it is *NOT* a work day :) ... nice to have found you again and glad to see you're well. I'll be back again :)

Agnes said...

Are you taking your laptop to Dhaka??? i want to see some pictures Girl!!!!

Tinker said...

@ Trudie,
Thank you! And yes, I mean *not* a work day... leave it on me to make the weirdest typos!
Very happy to see you visiting, Truds :)

I am taking my lappy! And I will post pics once I snap some... but I'm hoping to see your trip pics before that happens! Waiting patiently for you to give some more details, Girl!

Haddock said...

Oh yes Bengal and Kerala gets rains with huge big drops.

Sajib said...

I love rainy season, too. But it's not pleasant at all in Dhaka. You know the situation of streets of Dhaka. A simple one-hour long rain would result flood in the city highways. So, the situation is like "I love rainy moments but I don't expect rains."

Weird, I know.

Reenie said...

Yea, I've heard so from a South Indian friend I have here, too. Our description of rain always match with each other.

Yea, I think I know what you mean. It is always easier to romanticize from far away, after all :)

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