Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | By: Reenie


Sometimes nothing seems right, even when you cannot find a thing that’s not in order. That is when there rises the need to make the right, right... be it in redecorating a perfectly decorated room, or cleaning an already clean sink.

Who knew that the solution was in a stranger’s smile- given generously to you- while you were watching the rain from the train window- clad in your formal skirt, office shirt, stockings and stilettos- holding out unmindfully, but not reading the Kindle that is in your hands- lost in the beauty of the rain?

I realize that the solution is right there between my eyes- that perhaps I need to let go, that perhaps- for once- I need to unload years of burden, and learn and re-learn to appreciate the random everyday moments of life.

Well... at least, in the process of looking for a solution, I at least have a shining clean sink... that can hardly ever be too bad :).
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