Friday, April 23, 2010 | By: Reenie

Shaking... shaking... & shaking... the nightmares off...

I don’t know which one is worse...

Is it worse being awoken from a moderately creepy nightmare in the middle of the night feeling the earth shaking; or finding not a single news item anywhere the next day to indicate that there actually was an earthquake?

Well... the plus side in this whole situation is that the nightmare was cut short. The down side-however- is that if this persists, it gradually forces a HUGE question mark on the status of my sanity.

... and yet I cannot decide which one of these is worse.

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Agnes said...

Maybe there was an earthquake and the whole world missed it?

Tinker said...

@ Agnes,
Actually, there was an earthquake- but in Tonga... I think in my dream I was in Tonga and I left it pronto when the earthquake started... sort of like parallel lives or something?
Hmm.. I should write a book may be. Hahaha..

WarmSunshine said...

it happened to me once. there was an earth quake for sure and seemed like everybody i knew had no knowledge of it.

Tinker said...


The first thing I did the next morning was check all the leading news sites... they talked about earthquake in Tonga and South Africa... and since the tactonic plates are sort of interlinked... I'd think there might have been one here too... that only I noticed! :D

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