Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | By: Reenie

Apples and Oranges...

If an apple a day really keeps the doctors away ... what does an apple and an orange do?

Well... that’s my usual brekkie- an apple and an orange- and coffee. Sometimes I skip both fruits and have a plum instead (and coffee), sometimes on rare occasions- maybe a banana (and coffee of course). But none of it sounds too shabby, right?

... not to mention the tomato juice, tomato soup and V8 in my diet? They may make me sound weird to the majority of earthlings... but at least it is beyond any question ‘healthy’ weird..!

As in- the job of ‘keeping the doctor away’ can still be carried out seamlessly, I’d have thought? And, am I not every mother’s dream when it comes to food habit? Can’t say that about much of anything else though, I know I made quite an... umm... ‘unusual’ daughter myself- being sort of ill-at-ease with anything to do with... err... well... ‘close’ relationships?

Anyhow, as I was saying- they better be right about their ‘apple theory’... because I really really really don’t like doctors- even though I grew up with one (yeah... Dad). Like many other things, I truly do empathize with my kitten who’d protest, fight, claw, seek help, and plead not to be put in his carrier at the prospect of going to the vet.

Total empathize.

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Agnes said...

Do you like fresh orange juice? Apple juice? Mango juice? I could live on fruit juice.

Reenie said...


YES!!!! And, watermelon juice, coconut juice, pine-apple juice... I can live on fruit salad, juice, coffee and clear soup... seriously.

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