Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | By: Reenie


Today’s weather forecast says cold, rain and hailstorm.

So far, there’s only the cold- and oh so cold... so cold. I wore two layers of warmies on top of my office shirt today, with trousers- did not dare to even look at the skirts in the wardrobe- AND I’m still cold!

Hailstorm!? Can’t even begin to anticipate how cold it’ll get once THAT hits!

You know how on those nice and hot summer days you look at those thick turtlenecks in the wardrobe with a certain kind of ‘discomfort’.... almost as if the mere sight of something warm clinging to your neck is repulsive? Today, I apologise to all the turtlenecks in my wardrobe... yes- the green one, the black & white one, the purple one and the beige one... I’m sorry and I love you.

No, really- I’m pretty sure that it’s my bottle green turtleneck that saved me this morning from a chill-stroke.

PS: ... and... if some certain mates of mine in Pennsylvania and Winnipeg are reading this by any chance at all- STOP SMIRKING RIGHT NOW! 5c is cold for me, thankyouverymuch!!

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Trudie said...

Oh yes ...already been there, done that ... already got my first pairs of socks this year, and never bought before. Some are predicting a very cold winter in Johannesburg. I am not looking forward to it!

Reenie said...

@ Truds,

Yea, I hear ya. I just walked 10 mins to the station in this chill and rain. I hear ya loud and clear!

Agnes said...

5 C ?????? That IS cold!!!!

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,
It was so cold that morning! One more degree less and the water starts to change it's formation and starts to crystalize into ice!

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