Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | By: Reenie


It was really cold last few days- in fact one morning it was 5.2c and on another, 6c. Today’s 7c was much much better; I now know what I’d have found difficult to believe otherwise: how much that 1c makes a difference!

In fact at one point today, when the temperature peaked at 15c around noon- I put my jacket on and stepped outside. I have always loved my walks around my work- there is a beach nearby, and seagulls, and pigeons... so off I went in my flat shoes, hair tied loosely at the back, hands in the pockets, looking up and inhaling the cool and crisp air of this beautiful city... while the beautiful sunlight played on my face. This, my friends, is the closest to what perfection is to me.

It is so much easier to forget all the worries, to put aside all my complexities, to feel content when there is sunlight this pretty. Too bad it’s so rare during this time of the year... something tells me that I’d have been a much better person if I had this sunlight whenever I needed it.

Like today; I really needed it today... Do not concern yourselves though. The sunlight has done his job well, my universe is again back in its orbit once again and all those issues are now put aside as worries for some other time...

See how much power this silly little piece of wonderful sunlight has in my world? Does it play this big a part in yours?

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Anonymous said...

It's my opinion that sunshine makes everything look and feel better, including your mood. I love it.

Also, this is the time of year when the trees are turning green again here and it's 28 degrees. Just perfect before the summer heat kicks in. Yay for sunshine.

Of course I have no beach nearby. :(

Reenie said...


Yea, I love sunlight too; and rain. Not a fan of mist though. Not usually.

Good to see you alive, kicking and dancing- btw :)

Agnes said...

Yeah, you're right, sunshine=life.

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,

... and if it's sunshine on a weekend... that life = perfection :)

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