Monday, May 24, 2010 | By: Reenie

The Fickle Pickle

The last few weeks, ever since moving to BlogSpot- I have been obsessively looking for a template that I’d like to settle with (I’m sure some of you have noticed; I’m sorry if I hurt your head :))... so far I have changed it at least 10 times in the little over a month that I’ve been to BlogSpot... and still could not find one that I’d like to settle with- not for my own blog anyway.....

... for Sherkhan’s blog though, I’m happy to say- I found one that’s just perfect for the time being! Please have a look at the screenshot- 'biggify' it, if you have some time- and let me know if you like it, too? I’m happy for the amount of labour I have put into it... because I feel it was worth it- to me it looks good.

Not so lucky about my own blog (by which, of course, I mean this very one!) though. But knowing myself- I know I’ll keep looking.... but I have pretty much looked everywhere it seems, there is nothing new I can find anymore.... so for now, I’m settling with my current one... BUT... by all means, recommendations are most welcome and will be much appreciated.

Yea, you can call me fickle and I will not hold itagainst you. No, really- actually Crazy already did- however indulgently. And given that the rate I’ve been going on with changing my blog template is more than that of some people change their..... umm.... intimates, I’d say it’s fair enough!

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Agnes said...

I know what you mean Reenie. You'll find the right template, I am sure.

{I actually like this one}

Trudie said...

Come back to WP and use the same one I am using - it rocks :)

Huffle Mawson said...

Sherkhans's blog looks good. I know what you mean about changing the look, I like to change Huffle's every now and then but I'm always afraid I'm going to break it :) I gave up changing the look of mine and just put up a new header every now and then.

Reenie said...

Thank you dear Agnes. Patience seems to be the only viable option. I don't have much patience, but not much choice either- so, yet another less than favourite thing: COMPROMISE.
I like this one too, but something is missing here.

Reenie said...

@ Trudie,
Haha... yea, I like your layout.. But WP does not let you do so many things... I think I'm staying here in BlogSpot, and wait for my perfect template... haha. It'll come as long as I'm patient!

@ Tracy,
Thank you Tracy :). I used to do that with my WP blog, kept on changing the banner... but kept the same template.
Can do that here too, but I need to make a good artwork for a banner.

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