Saturday, May 1, 2010 | By: Reenie

Grocer gone Bad

I’m beginning to think that I am the only one who’s keeping Woolies’ sales for tomato juice in line. I mean, everyone else seems to hate it! No worries!! Listen up, you tomato juice haters: as long as I am here in this city- tomato juice stays in business!


Keeping chocolates in business, though, is your responsibility... I don’t care if they stay or go; I am not a fan of chocolates, or movies, or telly, or cakes, or muffins (you can stop gasping now, Mister Majority, thankyouverymuch!).

And also... since when bananas became gold? I mean.... Australia was not hit by the recent inflation as bad as many others, right?

.... then how come Aussie bananas were?

..... or is it some sort of ‘demand control mechanism’ employed by the ‘Banana Republic’?

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Anonymous said...

Banana Republic *LOL*

Ok, I'll have the chocolate, and you can have the tomato juice :)

Reenie said...


See how well I can get my way if only I am a choice-minority?
You, though, better be prepared to face some competition... I know some who'll give a tooth and arm for chocolates :)

Agnes said...

I love tomato juice!!! Let's form a club!

(My comments keep disappearing...:-( ...)

Tokio said...

While I am not a chocolate fanatic if it comes down to tomato juice or chocolate then... gimme the chocolate bar, please!

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,
Yes, let's!
Maybe I should design a button for the sidebar and eliminate all the doubts there ever was regarding my 'sanity' issue.

Yea! That is what I was talking about! I absolutely love tomato juice, and so many hates it!

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,

No-ooooo! Bad Blogspot!

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