Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | By: Reenie

Hello! My Yellow Polka Dots!

I had the second doctor’s visit yesterday...

A few more tests (thankfully, no blood works- saves me from a... umm... ‘fainting’ obligation), and we’ll know where we stand... and where we need to go from there... and when I know, I might even stop being so vague in my blog! Do remember though- I said ’might’ :)!

All I know for certain now is that.... I still do not like doctors, I eat fruits every day, kittens are cute and the one that lives with me is the CUTEST, I miss summer mornings, coffee is a lifesaver and the sight of sunflowers make me happy happy happy!

That’s a lot of knowledge for a day... the rest can wait till the tomorrows.

4 thoughts:

Agnes said...

I hope it's all good news.

Reenie said...

In my case now, 'not' a bad news is good news.
But yes, I hope the same :).
And thank you.

Trudie said...

She wore an itsy witsy teeny.. ok, I'll shut up now. :)
Good luck with all the doc stuff. Wish mine was all done, but think I need to go to my gyne again next month. Bleh!

Reenie said...

@ Truds,
.... minee yellow polka dot bikini...
Nah too cold for that, I'll leave this one for those in Texas at this time of the year. We can just snuggle under the blanket near the fireplace while this chill remains.

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