Thursday, May 27, 2010 | By: Reenie

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more... just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall at your door

The last thing I wanted today was another desk lunch... so I put my walking shoes on about half an hour before- to make the ‘flee’ hassle free when the time comes. It worked. I vanished for an hour as soon as the clock struck 12- without a backward glance, before anyone could book a lunch-meeting with me to discuss some specific ‘cost’ or ‘tax’, before anyone could very well call my name...

It wasn’t a Market Day, but I took the walk anyway. I walked on the empty streets, passing the closed shop shutters, dusts making my feet look darker, pigeons here and there- I walked without care... savouring the sunlight and basking in its warmth. I needed this, I really did.

I do not need the market. I don’t take walks for the market; I do because I like the feel of it- of the whole thing... the dust, the sunlight, the birds and the hint of the ocean in the air; and at that very moment- I had everything I needed, except perhaps the red scarf that I had left on my work desk in my haste... but that’s okay. I had the more important stuff.... I truly am better now- mentally, even though nothing really has changed.

It’s silly how much easier it gets to think rationally when you have some fresh dust on your feet.

[Did you recognise the song that I’ve used in the title? One of my favourites of all time...!]

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Agnes said...

I am gonna go take a walk now -- thanks Reenie :-)

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,
Enjoy your walk, Agnes!

Kea said...

You have a lovely blog, Reenie. Actually two, yours and Sherkhan's. And it's wonderful to "meet" you.

Feel free to add my blogs wherever you like--I'll be adding yours to my blog rolls!

-Kim from Musings on a Small Life and Fuzzy Tales

Reenie said...

@ Kea,

Why, thank you!
I have added you to mine as well :)

WarmSunshine said...

nice food for thought :)

and i love walking too !

Reenie said...


Walking is like therapy for me.... I feel more tired if I don't walk!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love the song and the movie it came from!

Ah, walking. I can walk for miles. Waling makes me feel so much better. It's the best thing for me when I feel stressed or angry. I love to people watch and listen to the sounds around me. Glad you had such a good walk. :)

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