Monday, May 10, 2010 | By: Reenie


I wanted to make a mother’s day post- but I’m struggling with words; so I decided to do a photo post instead. Hence, here I am... watch me go!

Okay, start!

Here is an infant me- with parents.

Do you see how gingerly my dad is holding me and do you see how pretty my mother is, and how young? I am so used to seeing them as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ that I forget that they, too, were new at being ‘parents’ at some point of their lives. Now, how silly is that?

Here is another one of my beautiful mother.

This is my favourite photograph of my mother, simply because it captures the great ‘natural’ beauty that she is.

And here... is my grandmother and me.

I wish there were more pictures of us- of dida and I. I don’t know why but there just never was... and I miss her in my life more than I can ever explain, more than I have ever missed anyone in my life, more than I thought was possible. Well, that says enough I guess.

Now, this is me with the set of our parents- Crazy’s and mine. I realized I don’t have any other photograph of Crazy’s mum otherwise (she is the one in green)...

She might be the most mature and patient mother figure I have ever come across; and I’m so happy to have her in my life.

Now that the photos are shared, I am again struggling with words.... so I better end it here for now. Today is clearly not my (blogging) day :).

4 thoughts:

Agnes said...

I swear your grandmother and your mom look like twin sisters.

Reenie said...


Thank you; and now that you mention it I see the similarities too!
They do look similar :)

Naela Ahsan said...

Hey Reens...this is the most sweetest one that i have read from ur posts.hope to read more & more be Inspired to open up the doors of my Thoughts,no matter how silly thoughts they seem.;o)

Reenie said...

And Naelee, you totally should!

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