Thursday, May 6, 2010 | By: Reenie

Rainbow Splash

It is yet another rainy day at Melbourne today... the streets are full of umbrella heads- red, pink, blue and green... while the temperature is in single digit (in Celsius) and it rained so much that you’d think that there is a gaping hole in the sky or something?

I was one of the many in the busy Melbourne CBD streets this morning- walking with the umbrella... the splashes of colours made from umbrellas held by us pedestrians creating this very interesting composition (in my eyes anyway)... I contributed to ‘the great colour splash’ with my ‘navy’. Not the happiest of colours, I know, but well... I always liked subtlety.

Somehow it feels good to be a part of things that are supposedly ‘insignificant’... partly because they are not really insignificant (not in my world anyway), and partly because it makes me feel like I found a hidden ‘treasure’ of pretty stuff before anyone even noticed!

Is it weird? I guess it is, if only a little.

Isn’t it a pity, though, that on a day as pretty as this one- I had to spend the first half in possibly THE most boring meeting that I have been to EVER in my LIFE? Actually, I’m hoping that it was indeed the most boring meeting of my life... simply so that it is now behind me (phew!), if you know what I mean?

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Agnes said...

Well, Reenie, on the bright side, the Most Boring Meeting Of Your Life is now officially behind you. Let's celebrate :-)

I love your profile pic by the way -- you're a so beautiful! Are you part Iranian/Persian? I know you're from Bangladesh but I think you mentioned you had family in Iran. Also Iraq?

Trudie said...

Life can never fail to surprise ... might have been the most boring one so far, but just wait and see :)
Oh and the umbrellas ... couldn't help but think of the movies - black umbrellas everywhere ... strangely enough, I've never seen that real life :D

Reenie said...

@ Agnes:
Oh, I am celebrating! I'm thinking of helping myself to Tom Yums at lunch today as a celebration!
And thank you, beautiful lady yourself!
My family migrated from Iran before it was occupied by the British, long time back. And also my grandmother was from Iran.
Iraq, though, is not a part of my heredity- we went there for dad's work and stayed for 6 years :)

Black umbrellas were a signature of Dhaka rain.... Black, and strong, otherwise it won't withhold the monsoon rain!
It must rain a lot in South Africa?

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