Sunday, May 23, 2010 | By: Reenie

Shishir Bindu

There is a Tagore poem that’s been running in my head today
"dekha hoy nai chokkhu meliya
.. ghor hotey shudhu dui pa feliya
... ekti dhaaner shisher upor
.... ekti shishir bindu...."

It’s taking me back about 2 decades, to that large L-shaped classroom of my elementary school... weird curriculum of grade 5, where a poem of this multitude of meaning was taught to a bunch of 10 year olds... !

The rough translation of these lines goes somewhat like this:
"I never did open my eyes to see
.. just two steps away from me
... in the paddy field there, the beauty
.... in one single drop of dew on one single rice seed..."

It is a beautiful poem, I could not do it much justice with my amateur translation perhaps- and it took me 2 whole decades to understand what Tagore was trying to say and what they were trying to teach me all those years back... when I was too young to possibly understand Tagore.

For once, I like something that is doing a somersault inside my head... now isn’t THAT a relief?

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Agnes said...

I think your translation is beautiful.

Reenie said...

Thank you, Agnes... but it does not have the calm of the original.

The original is in a passive voice... whereas the translation is in active... I think that passive voice thing is what makes is sound so calm, and yet it did not sound right when I used the passive in English...

Loner said...

ooh, heavy curriculam for a 10 yr old!
but yes, if we could understand such little things very early in life, probably life would have been much calmer, what say ?

and the one i know and like of Tagore is "ekla chalo re..."


Reenie said...

@ Loner,

It is quite a heavy stuff for 10-yr olds, isn't it?!

We used to have one Tagore each year... and only now do I get their full meaning... what a waste :)

I like so many poems of Tagore that I cannot even list. My favourite poet of all time... actually had I been born in a different time, I'd be his 'groupie', such is my teenager-like crush is for the man!

Okay, I'll stop right now :P

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