Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | By: Reenie

... that’s why I keep on running... before I’ve arrived, I can see myself coming... *

It’s not easy to break free... when you know it and at the same time- refuse to... when you have the words but they won’t come out... when you want to make a blog entry, but keep on deleting... for reasons unknown, or maybe known - but unacknowledged.

I don’t have to make things so complicated, and yet I do. Do you do it, too? It’s terrible, isn’t it?

Adding the icing to this cake of life, there’s work pressure, immense work pressure.... so much that even after a good 8.5 hours of work- there’s a kind of guilt that creeps in when I proceed to turn the computer off, so much that my lunch-break walks along my beautiful beach-y work area are put away as activities of another time. Aren’t those work-desk lunches one of the saddest things on earth? I think they are.

I guess I’m in a cold dark tunnel waiting for the light in the end. It must be the work pressure, or the weather, or the season, or this kidney thing... but whatever it is, I’m keeping a look-out for the sight of that light.... I’m sure THAT is where my happy place is.

... and I know I will get there somehow, I just need to wait this time out.... and I’ll be fine.

I hope you are not too sick of me by the time I come along?

[*The title is from the lyrics of my favourite Robbie Williams’ song: Feel]

5 thoughts:

Agnes said...

??? Kidney thing? Is something wrong??

Reenie, here is to a brand new day :-)

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,

Yea... cheers to a brand new tomorrow :)
I don't know for sure yet, Agnes. There's been a few doctor visits and there's more to come... but yea, there has been some renal pain kind of thing- so let's see :)

Loner said...

This too shall pass...

Reenie said...

@ Loner
I'm sure it will, question is- when.
Thank you... :)

WarmSunshine said...

"feel" is one of my fave songs as well :)

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