Thursday, June 3, 2010 | By: Reenie

Bring me back December!

It was so foggy this morning like you won’t believe!

Now, I know how some of you are having really hot weather in the Northern Hemisphere and cannot possibly fathom the fact that it’s so cold over where I am... but this thick fog has probably given me a cold already. Cold, as in- cold and flu- and, not cold and shiver... well, not exaggerating- my ears are hurting and my eyes are running... and MY FACE HURTS!

Oh... the joys of blocked sinuses... OUCH!

Winter has officially arrived in the Southern Hemisphere, my friends. For some reason, I am not at all excited about the whole weather thing for the next HALF A YEAR*!

Okay. I'll stop now.

[*Maybe I should say '6 months' instead of 'half a year' from now on. Would you agree that it sounds much less long that way?]

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WarmSunshine said...

Winter... how i envy you! I hate summers :(

Reenie said...

@ Mehreen

I love Australian Summer... but when in any part of South Asia- I'd go for Winter any day... Melbourne winters can be quite chilly, which is nice if you are indoors- but my walks are ruined when it's so chilly!

Agnes said...

On the bright side, Bangladesh will be hot and muggy :-D

Reenie said...

Bright? Haha! Hot is okay, muggy translates to bad hair days. Haha.
And yaaay, Agnes is on the roll.

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