Saturday, June 19, 2010 | By: Reenie

The conversation’s trivial, but trivial is fine... when held up to the light*

I am going through one of those times when my mind goes silent... some call it a 'writer’s block'; and yes- maybe that is what it is, too.

Actually when I say my mind has gone silent, I do not give the perfect picture. There is a lot in my mind, A LOT; but I cannot seem to put them down. There are words, sentences and punctuations floating inside of my head- floating, flowing, tumbling against each other, bursting and disappearing - I just cannot catch them...

After some effort- I have now decided to let it be, let them float... and when the time comes I will again spill some of me on this blog... like I always do. All I know now is that the time is ‘not today’... it can be tomorrow, can be next week, can be next month... I don’t know when, but I’m almost certain that it will come... I cannot go without writing for a long stretch of time after all. I never have.

For now... it’s just easier to crawl into myself and write in my kitten’s blog- where the atmosphere is much 'breezier', or take up the pencil and draw a line here and a shade there, or take up the camera and take a thousand meaningless photos... yes, they are so much easier than writing... I can tell that I'm looking for something, I just wish I knew what is it...

... True, I cannot figure it out exactly... and I am (halfheartedly) wondering if I am underwhelmed or is it that I am actually simply overwhelmed?

[*Post title from, Words by Kate Miller-Heidke]

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Kea said...

Reenie, most of life is trivial and meaningless. We humans like to believe we have superior reasoning abilities, are somehow special because we have art or music or technology or whathaveyou. But we're just another species on this planet, dominant for now, but not dominant for all time, and most of us live small lives.

The trick is to appreciate those small things and somehow find meaning for ourselves in this world.

And if drawing and taking photos bring you Joy, well, what does it matter if it's "meaningless?" All things we create and do and think are so important are meaningless in the grand universal scheme of things. :-)

WarmSunshine said...

relax... it'll come to you dear

try an exercise... take a pen and paper or laptop, whatever u like and write ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes to ur mind... may be you'll end up with that missing piece :)

Reenie said...

@ Kea,

I am indeed hoping that they'd bring me joy... I'm certainly looking for something that will :)

Reenie said...

@ Mehreen,

Thanks for the idea. Hope you're having a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I have been having moments like this too. Almost daily I find myself wanting to write something that has been floating around in my head. I head to LJ and start an entry but I usually end up erasing it because the thoughts just don't seem to flow and everything sounds so wooden.

I hope you find what you need for your thoughts to flow onto the paper.

Reenie said...

Still waiting, Ellie. Thank you :)

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