Monday, June 14, 2010 | By: Reenie

Have you seen her all in gold, like a queen in days of old...? She shoots colours all around, like a sunset going down...*

This weekend has been a ‘productive’ one- albeit in a household-y way, but don’t you ever undermine the power of a clean house and its effects on the state of my mind. I don’t know about you- but for me, they are intertwined... I get very... umm... stressed by ‘clutter’. What can I say? I am very typical that way :)

Today- on the last day of the QB long weekend- I’m well caught up on laundry, have mopped every surface in the house- including the ceramic on the kitchen and the ‘high maintenance’ wooden floors of my house (my opinion- high maintenance, yes; but lovely nonetheless!). So now, I’m dog-tired from all the hard-work- but admittedly rather pleased with myself too.

Also, I wasn’t exaggerating in my latest post when I said that we did not have many wearable clothes due to the silly winter not letting us have any ‘dry’ clothes... my piles of ‘washed and dried’ clothes had taken up half of our living room floor at one point this weekend! It is a wonder that I still had clothes to wear, however long it took me to find one on the last Friday! Needless to say that this pile is now taken to its dedicated wardrobe spaces (Told you, I worked hard this weekend!), thankyouverymuch!

Well... true, the sun was up right next day of us getting a dryer (Murphy loves me!)... but at least we are now more prepared for rainy days, right? And of course, I’m not complaining... because Sun is good ANYTIME!

[*Post title from, She’s a rainbow by Rolling Stones]

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Kea said...

Kudos for a productive weekend. I know I feel much better when things are clean and tidy--I also don't like clutter, feel very uncomfortable in a cluttered home.

As for laundry...Well, I have an unfinished basement, so I hang most of it to dry down there, but I do have a dryer also, which doesn't work that well. And even just for me, I do about 4 loads a week, including sheets and towels, of course. Add another person into the mix, or a few more, and you'd be doing laundry every day!

Happy Monday!

Reenie said...

Happy Monday indeed, Kim :). Long weekend Mondays are not so bad after all :).

I so know what you mean about clutter!

I have a garage that I could perhaps use for cloth lines, but there's no airing! I like it when the clothes are warm and clean and dry. Sunlight does it best, dryers let you achieve it too somehow :)

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