Thursday, June 24, 2010 | By: Reenie

One to the front and one to the side, clap your hands once and clap your hands twice and if it looks like this then you doin' it right*

I have a flight to catch in less than a week and still not packed, I have the little gifts bought that is in neat piles in various sections of the house, have an almost empty fridge and consciously not buying any food stock because I also have big plans of cleaning my fridge tomorrow and leave it as empty as I can while I’m away (wish me luck, quick :)!).

Last night’s dinner was a crappy Indian take-away chicken biriani... and usually I like biriani, but that is one place that I’m never again getting it from... what a waste of $12! Looks like I might have to throw the rest away when I clean the fridge... or maybe not. Don’t you just hate it when food is wasted? I do.

On a loosely related note- I cannot divulge an awful lot of details as yet due to privacy factors of the related parties, but seems like this little visit has expedited a lovely couple to think of the date for their engagement party and that we’re getting to attend it after all- that engagement party is now roughly 9,063 kilometres and 8 days away... it is closer than you think, trust me! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m rather flattered by all this attention...

... I feel like Cinderella!

[*Post title from, A little bit of Monica by Lou Bega]

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Agnes said...

I am so excited for you Girl!!

p/s: love love love the new template :-D

Reenie said...

@ Agnes,

Thank you, I missed you! Great that you are back :)

Yea, still tweaking this template. But at least I'm modifying it instead of changing the template 2 times everyday! Seems like I'm settling with this template for some time to come :)

Kea said...

You're supposed to clean out the fridge? Only when you move, right? :-P

As for wasted food, yes, I do rather hate to do that, but our city has had a composting program for a year and a half now and ALL food scraps (including meat, bone, fat, etc.) go into it. Also facial tissue, paper towel and the like. So not much is wasted anymore, which is terrific!

The (un)Common Woman said...

You are getting engaged? :) Lovely!!

Have a safe flight and yeah, I hate to waste food. :D

Good luck Cinderella! ;)

Reenie said...

@ Kea,

Hey you, don't you now discourage me. Haha! Trust me, all I need is a lame excuse and abandon my cleaning plan. Haha!

Reenie said...

@ Uncommon Woman,

No no, not me :). A 'friend', let's say. I'll give you all more details once it is alright to reveal.

But not me, definitely. Haha.

Jacqueline said...

It sounds like there may be some excitement surrounding this trip after all=go there with a positive attitude and I'm sure you will have a great time...Pay no attention to people who DO NOT MATTER!...I'm getting ready to leave town and be with my extended family as well, but not for a fun trip=a close family member is very ill and I am leaving this weekend to be there for her surgery on Monday and will stay a week=we won't know her prognosis until they do the surgery...I have posted my blog for the week ahead so I hope you/Sherkhan will still stop by...Best of luck with your trip and I hope you find the happiness/release you deserve as you face your past...Wishing you peace, sending hugs and love.

Reenie said...

@ Jacqueline,

Thank you, Hun :). I wish you best with the family member, and of course Sher and I will be visiting your lovely girls- at least till I take the flight. By the time you are back, I'll be away- so goodbye and good luck for now.

Thank you for your kind words of courage. Words cannot say enough how much they mean!

WarmSunshine said...

have a safe journey Reenie :)

Reenie said...

Thank you, Mehreen :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized the subject of the post. Here in the States, we know the song as "Mambo #5". Fun little tune and actually a remake of a much older song. :)

I do hate when food is wasted and I hate when takeout does not live up to expectations.

Enjoy your trip!

Reenie said...

@ Ellie,
Yea, same song. It was released here as 'A little bit of Monica'. Fun little tune, quite a cute song :)

simz said...

yay! just 3 more days to gooooo... :D :D ull be in time to have mangoes! it's all foujli and langra now...but maybe, just maybe ull also get heem-shagors.. :D

sp.ajay said...

in case u start packing a week ago then it is indeed admirable!

best of luck for the journey!

Reenie said...

Not even 3 anymore. Sorry, have been crazy busy with stuffs. I'll be within your network tomorrow, howzzat?

Would have been great if I packed a week in advance, too bad moods come in the way of efficiency ever so often!

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