Saturday, June 5, 2010 | By: Reenie

Tales of my heart, like sea salts in the ocean

A few more weeks and I fly away to my vacation...

... for just a few weeks, and not much time is left before that either; and still, I’m so not prepared. I am yet to decide what to pack, to take my clothes or buy from there, wear winter clothes for the journey or summer ones...? [I have sort of decided on the summer clothes with one winter jacket for the road...].

... and more importantly... what to get for my mum?

I have, though, booked a cat hotel for Sherkhan. I’m worrying my head off over it too... I wonder if he’d think I have abandoned him and cannot help but feel many pangs of regret... suddenly the 'not so long' vacation seems like a long one... and the negatives of going back, for however short period of time, weighs heavy on me...

... but just when I was going back and forth with my decision to travel, my phone beeped... it was my dad’s one of those now-routine countdown text messages. You see, he is counting down the days till he sees me... and I realize that there’s no turning back now. I have to go for those who still care, for those who still love me; and that is not something that I can just take for granted; can I?

No, I cannot- because I know by now, how hard I make it for them to do so. I appreciate it a lot more now than I ever did in my life. It must mean that I'm growing up...

PS: Any of you have any packing tips for me? I am SO BAD at this!! Also, what can I get for MY MUM?!

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Kea said...

The longest I was away from my cats (Chumley and Annie at the time) was 13 days and I worried and fretted about them every day. My next door neighbour at the time was caring for them and I had a couple of friends stopping by too.

Now I'm not sure I could leave them, I'm so co-dependent. LOL.

But, we all know that life is short and that tragedy and loss can strike any moment, so we have to seize the opportunity to spend time with those we love when we can.

You'll have a lovely visit your dad, I'm sure!

As for what to get your mum...there I can offer no suggestions. And oh, I'm terrible at packing! :-)

Reenie said...

Last time I had to put Sher in a hotel was for 3 weeks, when Crazy had his cornea grafting and Sher's glorious long furs were deadly for Crazy right after the operation... I called the boarding everyday....

I know, I need to figure something out for my mum... and soon.

Kea said...

Reenie, the blue flower on my Musings site (the last pic) is a campanula. I do have them in my garden, but they aren't in bloom yet. The boys usually crush them anyway, zooming around the back space. These pics were taken about 1 -2 kms from my house, while walking to the office. :-)

P.S. My little space faces north, so most of my perennials are slightly behind other gardens that have better light.

Nadia_Rahman said...

Packing link:

PS - The countdown text by your dad is cute!


Reenie said...

@ Kea,
Even more than the flowers it was the dewdrops on them that took me in... don't you think there is something very magical about the beauty of dewdrops?

@ Nadia,
Thank you darling. You are so sweet! I'll check this out and fingers crossed that it'd make me into a super-packer!
How's you and the little one?

Reenie said...

@ Nadia,

I was looking into the link you sent... and it indeed is very handy. Rolling clothes before packing... why didn't I think of it??!

Trudie said...

Two days closer ... how you feeling? I have to leave Gemma at home for 8 days, starting on Saturday. It's so close to getting my dog now. Can't wait. :)

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