Tuesday, June 8, 2010 | By: Reenie

Your lipstick stains on the front load of my left side brains... *

The walk to home this evening was cold, but nice...

... cold enough to... umm.. 'stiffen' my already clogged sinuses and cause me to literally run and splash my face in steaming hot water immediately after stepping in the house... OUCH! And no, it is not at all an exaggerated 'ouch'... it really *does* hurt!

[I do hope that you have no idea what I'm going on about, in other words- that you are not a fellow sufferer :)]

... but in a strange way, despite the physical discomfort- it is also kind of liberating... the walk, the not-so-long days of Winter, the long shadows, the street lights, the car headlights, the cold breeze and a head full of jumbled words...

As of now- the words in my head are still jumbled, the sinus pores are still blocked, and I still have not cancelled my flight.

Looks like I am taking the 18,130 kilometres journey just in a few weeks after all...

[*The title is taken from the song, Hey Soul Sister by Train. Another song that I love...]
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