Thursday, July 29, 2010 | By: Reenie

Hallelujah... Heaven’s white rose... The doors you open, I just can't close...

Perhaps the kitten had a bad dream last night; he woke us up at 4am.

Ever since he had the flu, we are diligently taking measures to keep him warm. The heater in the living room is always on- the managed temperature of my house makes it hard to imagine that we are amidst the peak of Winter here in the southern hemisphere; but the first thing that caught my mind hearing those incessant meows at that ungodly hour is that perhaps he was cold?

As it turns out- Sherkhan, my kitten, needed some cuddles and a drink from the running tap (don’t even ask, he fancies drinking from the tap directly- rather than from his water bowl). He does not do it every day, luckily for us- his body-clock is pretty well-tuned with our routine; I decided he deserved all of the above and ended up not going back to sleep. Do you say we spoil him? We don’t really, we are just happy when it feels like he is recovering :).

Fast forward to now, I cannot believe that the clock only stroke 11am; and I have been up for the last 7 hours already! I’m sure it is insane in many levels! I’m at work now though... I still have 5 more hours to go. DANG!

This, my friends, is clearly not my day. On the other end- Crazy reports that the kitten is sleeping now- soundly- in his perfectly fitted cat bed... My groggy sleep-deprived mind is convinced that, in my world, TODAY clearly belongs to the kitten. How many days do we get in our entire lifetime, after all, when we get our way in every way?

At least it’s a quiet day at work.

[Title credit: Who’s gonna ride your wild horses- U2]

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Jacqueline said...

Sherkhan is your baby and you are a good Mommy, Reenie!...I hope Sherkhan is feeling much better and you can get some much needed rest this evening...Take care of your beautiful boy and yourself!

Reenie said...

Thank you, Jacqueline- my lovely friend.

Agnes said...

Sherkan is really lucky to have you Reenie :-)

Reenie said...

Thank you, Agnes!

And, I am lucky to have this little kitten... :)

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