Thursday, July 22, 2010 | By: Reenie

My Sherkhan

On the first day, he would limply wait for me to come to the sofa and nuzzle him in his soft glorious furs.

On the second day, he would hear my footsteps and weakly meow out in impatience, as if to say- ‘come to my sofa, mummy. I need you to nuzzle me!’

On the third day, he left the sofa to greet me eagerly outside my bedroom door- looking at me earnestly with his big blue eyes- all ready to be picked up and nuzzled.

Yes, there is progress but too bad there isn’t a fast-forward button. I wanted him to not-suffer so so much. There is hardly anything else at this time that I want more than to nuzzle my little Sherkhan who is not suffering even a bit.

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Calvy/kaalicharan said...

Wow! he looks a furry beauty :)

How is this for an irony? Being a canine...I'm praising a feline :)

Agnes said...

Oh Sherkan -- my goodness, is he cute!

I hope he's feeling better Reenie :-)

Kea said...

Have I missed a post where we know what's wrong? I saw a previous post indicating he was sick, but nothing further.

Sending lots of purrs and healing Light!!!

Kea said...

Sorry, just went to the previous posts' comments and saw that you replied there. Thanks.

L-Lysine? I've been giving it for years to the cats when they get a cold; recently my vet recommended it. You can Google it for feline use--it's just an amino acid that binds to the virus molecules and helps lessen the symptoms and duration of kitty colds.

Jacqueline said...

We hope beautiful Sherkhan feels better soon...Sukki was sick last weekend and Mommy took us all to the vet on Monday=she spent almost $200 and Sukki got 2 shots, but Calle/Halle were ok...Mommy also brought 2 shots for nausea home and gave them to Sukki Monday night and Tuesday and she is much better...Sending loud purrs and many kisses to sweet Sherkhan...We will anxiously await an update on his condition...Best of luck friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

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