Sunday, July 4, 2010 | By: Reenie

... with a few good friends and a stick or two...

The temperature here is not that much; the humidity though is another matter... but tempting as it is to stay in all day in the air conditioner, I would rather not. Who knows when I will be able to make my next trip here, after all?

This trip, so far, is going well; but in all honesty I am sometimes not sure if Dhaka is going anywhere at all. It does feel like Dhaka is choking... it is one of the most densely populated cities of the world and it feels like it, too... Dhaka is so crowded! If you are out in the roads- buses, trucks and rickshaws full of passengers... all looking for a ‘better life’...

... much like I did; like I had left this city for a better life... YEARS back.

I wish I could say that I now feel like I never left... I don’t. I feel the years, I feel the differences in me that West has instilled, my values have changed, I am a different person now... I do not want to come back here really- not because of the traffic jams, nor the humidity or the heat, nor the systems that I deem as inefficient... but perhaps for the lack of personal space- the way it is okay to be intrusive, the way it is okay to not to say a simple ‘thank you’ for the darwan who is holding the gate open for you. I realize I am a different person now.

... but that does not mean that I do not remember that this place was once my home... and I do think I made a good decision in taking this trip.

PS: If you are curious- my readers- yes, this hand in the photograph is mine, with the ring from Crazy that I have been wearing for the last five years. It is the view from a window of this house that we are living in.

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Kea said...

Hi Reenie.

I'm glad you feel you made the right decision in visiting.

I really can't grasp the cultural differences, because I've not had the financial means to travel in my life, except within Canada and a very occasional jaunt across to parts of the northern U.S.

I think the over-crowding (IMO) would bother me most as well. We have big cities here, such as Toronto, which probably has about 3 million or so in its entire greater region. But 3+ million probably is nothing compared to so many other places.

In the small city in which I live, a traffic jam means you wait through 3 lights. LOL. And that doesn't often happen, unless there's an accident or construction.

And for someone like me who has personal space and privacy issues, I know I'd have a very difficult time in a large area, particularly in cultures that have an alternate view of the meaning of "personal space." :-)

Anyway, that's more than enough rambling...I hope the remainder of your visit is wonder-full and gives you whatever you need, on an emotional and psychological level.

WarmSunshine said...

I don;t think I have anything really constructive to say to this post. Just that I feel may be it's sad you're so far off. We all have to make our sacrifices for a better life I guess.

The hand is pretty and so is the ring :)

The (un)Common Woman said...

Yeah..people change with places too sometimes.

I am glad you have realized things the way you should have. :)

And prettieee ring!

Agnes said...

I know what you mean...

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