Sunday, August 15, 2010 | By: Reenie

The corner that I am most partial to... :)

Sundays are nice; would have been nicer if the thoughts of the upcoming Monday did not bother me like it usually does- but as it stands at this moment.... it’s Sunday NOW, there’s LOTS of food in the fridge (yaay, grocery!), the menu for tonight is cabbage-beef (yum!) that I cooked, the kitten- after bouts of hairball attack yesterday- seems to be doing well today, there’s a Crazy boy sharing this sofa with me with his nose stuck in many Statistical equations (what a douche!), we have the BEST room heater in the whole UNIVERSE and it’s raining 'cats, mice and dogs'!

In other words, it’s a nice Sunday over here in this corner of the Earth :); enviable, quiet, happy – all wrapped up in a little cute word, ‘nice’... and for once, I’m finding it not too hard to keep the Monday out of my mind....

Monday will come, as it always does... but Sundays are still nice and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts. I hope the whole world is having a happy Sunday. *blows a kiss*

PS: The rickshaw in the photograph is something I got from Dhaka this time, the photo frame was a gift from Crazy's brother's new fiancée (it says, 'I love my cat'- and guess what- it's right!), the Kermit is holding a banner of La Trobe University- which btw is where I graduated from...
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