Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | By: Reenie


I know many may find it weird- the way I fill my brains with numbers- printed off in papers and marked in yellow, green, orange and blue... little notes here and there, little sketches around the corners... my worksheets are always marked with many colourful markers and I never have many drafts; just one- or two at max; it helps me focus better when I see those handwritten notes and strange little drawings that my hands make while my brain talks to those printed numbers.

They sometimes call me a ‘genius’, sometimes they’d settle for ‘a wiz’, or- if it is my friend, John- he calls me ‘brains’. They say it with a lot of ‘affection’ too, so I guess it’s all good. Only that- I’m none of those, I am just someone who speaks the language of numbers... just like the ICT support guy is with computers, the engineer is with machines, my dad is with his patients... we all have different kinds of buckets where we soak our brains in till the data becomes information, alphabets become words, words become sentences, till those loose beads become a beautiful earring.... till the little bits and pieces start to make sense....

I am none of those; and yet I don’t complain- partly because I like the indulgence in their voices and mostly because I don’t know what to say, ‘I’m not a genius, I am just fluent in Numbers’? Nah, even I think that sounds weird! I accept it with a smile instead; because after all- it is ‘numbers’ that I’m fluent in- not words!

Now... what is YOUR ‘fluency’, if I may ask? :)
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