Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | By: Reenie

Free Falling

The verdict is out- the kitten has pancreatitis; this is a repeat, he had it another time around this time last year- that is when he was put on a prescription diet for life... he still is on that prescription diet.

They do say this is a tricky enough disease that keeps coming back... Yes, THEY did say; it is ME who kept thinking that he will be spared; because I have had enough struggles in life already- and that now it was time for my rewards. Right? Wrong.

Life never really lets you relax, does it?

It was a bad enough day at work even without it. This is QBR time and I have been swimming, drowning and floating in numbers..... budgets, expenses and cashflows... costs to reallocate, projects to close- check-recheck-frustrate- follow up- deep breaths- maintaining this steady voice with much effort, nerves... a constant trial on patience.... surely, a migraine-worthy day in every way...

... and then... this... and I felt myself losing it- falling... again...

It’s been a while that my life is in a steady fall... every time I open my eyes, I am a little further down... it’s been so long that I do not even remember the feel of that steady ground that I may have once stood on...

... I think I’d like to have that ground under my feet. I’d like that very much.
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