Monday, August 9, 2010 | By: Reenie

Gold & Blue

It was one sunny day today- I saw the disobedient rays of dazzle peeping through my dark blue curtains every once in a while; and I saw the kitten occasionally choosing that ONE lighted spot between me and the sky, I saw the dazzle rushing in when I opened the door for Crazy in the evening- puffy eyed, covered in cat hair and still in my pyjamas squinting my eyes at the sun...

It was a sunny day... with bright, rejuvenating sunlight; flocks of magpies in the front yard and the clearest blue sky. I am usually happy on sunny days... with extra rhythm in my steps and the brightest smile on my face... but today was different. It was a rather unfortunate sunny day- because on a day as beautiful as today, I had to stay in the house locking the sunlight out out out- my dark blue thick curtains in place to do its' job while I was there- puffy eyed, covered in cat hair and in my pyjamas from morning till night. What a bad day to have such a bad migraine. What a waste of those beautiful rays of Gold..!!!

I wonder when is the next time I'll get a day like this one sans the migraine? *Sigh*

[Art Credit: Vegetable Assassin]

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Kea said...

You have my sympathies regarding the migraine, as I've had many in the past handful of years, though never when I was younger.

Here's wishing you bright, sunny, joy-full days that you actually can enjoy!

Lots of healing Light from me and purrs from the fur kids.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Poor you! Damn headaches are the worst. I get the odd one myself (migraines I mean). Feel better soon.

Hey wait. I hope you're not implying my paintings give you headaches! Although honestly, I can understand it!

Reenie said...

@ Kea,

I have had migraine since I was 14, but was finally diagnosed at 16. Before that I thought it was just a very bad headache. Now I know that the specific kind of migraine that I get is 'classical with aura'.

And oh, the PAIN of it! The less said the better.

Reenie said...

@ Veggie,

Of course your art gave me migraine. Why else will I showcase it in my blog?! I want YOU ALL to get a migraine. If I suffer, so do you ALL!!!!!

Just kidding. Hehe. I would not showcase it if I did not like it, of course :)

Jacqueline said...

Hope you are feeling better...I get migraines too, give myself Imitrex shots and they help a lot; it's terrible to miss out on the whole day because of a headache...Take care and hope you make up for it tomorrow with an extra fun day!!

Reenie said...

@ Jacqueline,

Oh, I totally know what you're talking about.... I'm sorry to hear that you get migraines too...

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