Thursday, August 26, 2010 | By: Reenie

Have you ever been loved by a cat?

I have turned into one of those women... those annoying ones who brag about their babies and goes declaring that their baby is the most beautiful one in the whole universe. I understand that this is a rather odd admission, because it is not at all flattering- but do hear me out and look at this face- will you?


This is my kitten, my baby, my pride and joy - this is my Sherkhan. I love him to bits and I think there is no other cat in this universe who is as beautiful as my baby... it is a biased opinion, I am fully aware of that too... but it is my prerogative... just like it is for any other cat mommies (or daddies) here who read my blog to think their babies are the cutest.

You need to be/ have been loved by a cat to fully understand where I am coming from.

I hope in my heart that tomorrow by this time, I will have him back from the hospital- meowing, purring, and being his usual adorable self... that he is not in any major danger... that Pancreatitis may be painful, but fixable...

I hope, I hope, I hope... after all, what do we have- if we do not have hope?
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