Monday, August 30, 2010 | By: Reenie

The Promise...

Cherry blossoms are everywhere these days. Did you hear what I just said?!? EVERYWHERE!

Oh... they make me so happy! I think they are the prettiest flowers anyone EVER saw... soft, pretty, pure and enchanting.... absolutely beautiful! They are my favourite flowers (as if THAT wasn’t obvious enough, ha!), too!

You see- every year around this time when this city is covered in cherry blossoms, I know Spring is sending us news- that it is somewhere near, that now it will not be long now before she ‘springs’ with all her colours... with a wildflower here, a butterfly there and cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE!


It has some side effects though- but none entirely unpleasant. Like- the outbreak of hayfevers and ‘Spring grins’... hehe... I came to work this morning with a stupid grin pasted across my face; and you are lucky if I did not jump on you saying, ‘LOOK OUTSIDE, YOU CHEEKY MONKEY!

And no, I’m not kidding; okay, only a little bit kidding :D

On a serious note however- SPRING IS ALMOST HERE IN AUSTRALIA, MY FRIENDS...! Now, isn’t that a very good news?!
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