Saturday, August 7, 2010 | By: Reenie

Social Saturday: Sunshine Blog Award

Yet another ‘thank you’ is in order; this time to another fellow blogerette of mine- Mehreen from The Perfect Line- for the wonderful Sunshine Blog Award and for saying cute stuff like:
Reenie and little Sherkhan -- A wonderful addition to my Blogsville friends. I love her posts any day, any time!

Thank you, m’dear :)... both little Sherkhan and I thank you greatly for reading and thinking that we were worthy... I, for one, always always always loved it when someone complimented me on my writing.

May I also say that you are a wonderful writer yourself? Of course I can and I just did! Howzzat?

Here is the award:

Once again... merci beaucoup, miss Sunshine. I am très happy.

Inspired by the idea of ‘sharing the love’ in Mehreen’s blog post, I would like to dedicate ANY award that I get (from now on) with a few worthy friends:

1. Jacqueline and her kitties from Jacqueline’s Cat House: Jacqueline is my new friend, we are bonded by our love for cats- Jacqueline takes care of FIVE (and sometimes six) gorgeous kitties... with her compassion and kindness, she is unique. Thank you, honey, for being you.

2. Kea from Musings on a Small Life: Kea is also my new friend. I can tell that she is probably one of the most insightful people in my blogosphere. Thank you, lovely Kea- you are amazing.

3. Jenny and Charlie from Ten Lives and Second Chances: If you need a laugh, it is Jenny’s blog that you should go to. I envy her ability of saying the difficult things in the lightest manner.

4. Agnes from Agnes’ Pages: I know Agnes has already received this award from Mehreen, but here is one from me as well. Agnes is beautiful and amazing... and she knows how to spend just a few words and say a lot.

5. Veggie from The Vegetable Assassin: Veggie is one of MY first readers, from back in our LiveJournal days (was it really SIX YEARS BACK??!! ); and I still love her political incorrectness to bits!

6. Meera from Romancing Life: I believe she is my youngest reader (she’s 20!)... and the most ‘positive’ one too, at least in her writings. I know I have said this before... but I hope that you always always keep it up, little friend!

Have a FANTABULOUS weekend everyone!

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The Vegetable Assassin said...

Hey you, I'm the MOST PC girl you'll ever meet.

OK, maybe not. PCness has gone apeshit. Over the top. I like to ignore PC and just say what I think. :) I love everyone. Except serial killers. But especially cat people.

Thanks man! Six years, really???? We're practically engaged you and i!

Reenie said...

@ Veggie,

Not surprisingly, everyone I dedicated awards to- are CAT PEOPLE! It wasn't planned, I promise! LOL!

Engaged, LOL! Cheers mate, it was a good six years... :)

Kea said...

Congrats on the lovely award, Reenie, and thanks so much for including me.

I was intrigued by "The Vegetable Assassin," just went to check out the blog. I can see the appeal! :-)

Reenie said...

@ Kea,

Yes! She is quite amazing, that Veggie :).

Me-Era* said...

Eeee :D My award comes back to me!

Thanks so much Reenie, for the award and for the "positive" comment on me.
Happy weekend to you too. :) :)

Reenie said...

@ Meera,

:D Yea, I noticed that too.

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on the fun award!...Thank you so much for the kind words and for sending it my way!...Have a sunny, happy weekend, Reenie and kiss beautiful Sherkhan for me!

WarmSunshine said...

you deserve it reenie!!

mwah!! :)

Agnes said...

Dear Reenie, congratulations and thank you so much.

Reenie said...

@ Jacqueline, Mehreen and Agnes:

Thank you, you all wonderful peeps!

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