Monday, August 2, 2010 | By: Reenie

Somebody leave the lights on- just in.. just in case I like the dancing- I can remember where I come from

Yesterday was ‘Friendship Day’. I would not have remembered it if not for the blog entries by many and my Facebook Wall flooding with ‘friendship day’ wishes. I do not have many friends, but it is always nice to be remembered by the few that I have.

Yesterday was also my mother’s birthday; yes- my mother’s. No one needed to remind me of that; I remembered it without any external effort. She moved into the beginning of her 53rd year on Earth over cups of Ceylon tea in the quiet nest that she shares with her husband of 31 years and a cat called Mushroom that that she now loves dearly... with a few phone calls, one of them from me....

She lives 9,063 kilometres away, you see?

This time on my visit to Dhaka, I saw her the happy; a little lonely perhaps, but happy... and when I heard that she was in tears when one day she thought Mushroom had run away- I was sure we could be friends. Yeah- I consider these as little signs, little sneak peeks to the insides of a person; so I extended my hand of friendship to her and I saw her doing the same.

As you see, the 18,000+ km journey last month has been rather significant in many ways... because this is the first friendship day where I got to wish my mother a Happy Friendship Day... as a friend; and a Happy Birthday... as a daughter and a friend.

[PS: To the wonderful readers of my blog- wishing a very happy friendship day to all of you. I cannot explain how much you all help me everyday... simply by being there and reading. Thank you.]

[Post Title courtesy: Tori Amos- Mother]

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Agnes said...

Right back at you Reenie:-)

And happy birthday to your mom.

Me-Era* said...

It was recent for me too to find out that mothers can be friends too. :)
Let the new friendship stay on. :)

And we love to read what you write, Reenie, so keep the good work. Tc.

Jacqueline said...

I realize you had a difficult time going home again, but it seems to have been worth the trouble!...It is wonderful to hear you call your Mom your friend=such a huge breakthrough in any parent/child relationship...Forgiveness and acceptance are priceless gifts we need to give to ourselves and to each other...My mother is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her!...Take care, Reenie and Happy Friendship Day to you as well.

WarmSunshine said...

happy birthday to ur mom :)

and yea... moms make amazing friends!

Reenie said...

Thank you everyone!

Jacqueline honey, I will try and send you an email today.

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