Monday, September 13, 2010 | By: Reenie

It's a strange thing I know, when the moon doesn't glow and it's as close as I think I'll ever get

Some days all you need is to take it easy... today is one such day for me, and I am.

... I am home on a Monday :). Will you agree with me if I said that Mondays are the best days to be home?

... I am such a homebug that there is nothing I enjoy more than a sleeping kitten on my lap while I relax on my favourite sofa watching out of the window; I am doing just that right now. Will you think I am silly if I said that I absolutely love the sounds of my empty house? Well, I do- I always was a sucker for solitude after all.

... You can laugh all you like when I tell you that I had milk and cereals for lunch today, but there is a strange kind of freedom in breaking those silly rules... so yea, keep on laughing as I keep ‘em stuffing :); besides- please explain- what is wrong in having cereals for lunch? I'm waiting.

... I am also waiting for the vet to call me with the follow-up test results. My instincts tell me that my kitten is getting well and yet my fingers hurt from keeping them crossed too tightly for too long. I guess I, too, have been trained to distrust my intuition. What a pity!

Have a peaceful Monday, everyone! I know I am :).

[Image Credit: My dear friend, M-Mono; Title Credit: Let's Fall Back in Love- Slow Club]
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