Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | By: Reenie

The colours of my wings

A little more than two year ago- when I finished my Masters from La Trobe, I swore I will NEVER put myself through it EVER again. Why? Well... it wasn’t the easiest university, not the easiest course and we were working very very hard to support ourselves and to pay for the sky-high tuition.

A few years down the line- I am on the eve of joining for my CPA courses. I made peace with going back on that promise of ‘no studies EVER again’. True that my hard-earned degree from LTU is now allowing me to join in the program on a ‘Professional’ level instead of the ‘Foundation’ level- and unlike many others I need to complete 6 segments and not 14... I know it is a chance worth taking and I am taking it.

Life, I expect, will not be easy for the next 2 years- like it wasn’t during my LTU years; but I have seen that my insane efforts during those years have paid off, maybe this time it will too. I needed to give it a try... because it is a part of my nature to make myself a cocoon every once in a while, just to harvest my butterflies. After all, there never was a reward if you never worked for it. Let no one tell you otherwise. Trust me there WAS effort, even when they have made it look effortless.

So there I go... doing exactly that- trying to find the colours of my wings. Won’t you wish me luck?
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