Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | By: Reenie

Cracks in the Foundation

Yesterday, in the interview- the recruitment agent asked me where I see myself in 5 years; I told him that I cannot possibly tell, as personally I choose not to plan that far ahead- but I think I want to be a full-CPA in the next two years and a Management Accountant in six months.

His smile told me that he liked the answer. I smiled too- because in this black and white Corporate world- it takes something to appreciate candidness. Then of course- he may be just one good apple in a basket of many average ones, he may only make a ‘ripple’- but it can be a start. After all- I, for one, never quite understood why the Corporate world HAS to be so fake ever so often; do you?

In related news- things are changing here in Reeniestaland- my friends... I never liked changes and took me ages to take the first baby step into the big bad world... but sometimes until it reaches that point- you do not really know that the time is right... as for me, it took one recently-joined ill-mannered colleague to wake me up from my happy reverie and realize: it is time I flew away, I deserve better!

... and now that the realization has hit home- there is no looking back; things are now bound to change... for better or for worse.
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