Wednesday, September 1, 2010 | By: Reenie

Dust and Sea Breeze

I brought my walking shoes to work today- the idea was to take a walk along the beach area during my lunch break and, to be honest, my pretty work-shoes only serve the purpose of ‘fashion’ and not suitable for umm... some practical things like.... let’s say...maybe... walking? Now, don’t you judge me; I happen to be a ‘girl’, you know...

... and I may be that shallow-head-lusting-after-impractical-shoes (and cute handbags) kind of a girl every once in a while (okay, MORE than just once in a while!), but it is the same me who think that it is much easier to love life if you have dust on your shoes and sea breeze in your lungs... and walking shoes are THE way to go!

... and even though my comfortable walking shoes were unworn today as my lungs were filled only the conditioned air of my office, even though it rained and the temperature went down to those annoying small degrees, even though there was no drastic sign in the nature in acknowledgement of the first day of Spring as I secretly kept hoping, I’m NOT fretting. I’m really not.

... because I see that the days are getting longer every day, because I know in my heart that when I FINALLY manage to take that walk, it will be worth every bit of it. I just know it will be.

I guess I have to stay put till nature has the chance fulfil her promise.
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