Thursday, September 23, 2010 | By: Reenie

Findings in unlikely places

Never underestimate the power of little things, my friends!

... things like a vanilla scented candle left on your desk by a dear old friend, a happy and healthy kitten looking up with blue eyes full of love, waking up to a nightmare and finding the Crazy boy reaching out, a generous cheque from the pet insurance company to fill out the recent gaping hole between our debits and credits, a friend at work specially making a detour on his way to a meeting just to drop a little compliment...

What can I say? Life sometimes just balances the bad stuff with the good ones, I guess... :)

I may have sounded a little negative in my writings lately, but well... let’s just say that those bad days are real too- even when I know that good days will come , even when I know that life is not all that bad... some days even the strongest needs a break from being strong after all!

Some days, however, it does not take much to ignore a loud rude colleague or to forgive someone for a no-show on an 8:30am meeting... and with some help, perhaps in form of a scented candle, a pair of lovely blues, a reassuring touch, a less-wobbly ground underneath and generous helpings of those ‘masala chai’s from that downstairs coffee shop- I am getting there too!

... just hang in there with me meanwhile, will you? :)

[Art Credit: Vegetable Assassin]
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