Saturday, September 25, 2010 | By: Reenie

A Long Walk

I remember we had taken a long walk that October day.

It was a little girl’s 3rd birthday and we walked till we found a perfect outdoor barbeque spot to celebrate. The house that we lived in then was too small to have a birthday party with 7 guests, you see?

That day turned out to be a lot of fun- the little girl was excited to have turned three and in her fluffy little world with red, blue and yellow Teletubbies and a doll named Nile Baby dressed in blue (or was it some other colour? Memory fails me now), she was the ‘princess’- and the rest of us, we were important parts of it too.

That little girl now lives oceans away. She still is a princess in her world- but we do not play a major role in it anymore; life has changed for us too. For one- we now live in bigger houses; we can now host birthday parties with 20 guests...

We do not walk all that much either, we drive... and it is only when I come across some photographs of those ‘hard’ days and I find myself 'missing' those days, that little girl and a handful of friends.

What can I say? I guess I am just weird like that.

[PS: I realize in this photo all of us grown-ups are wearing black jackets and blue jeans; and I happen to be the only one wearing sunnies! There you go Agnes, now you know how I look!]
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