Saturday, September 11, 2010 | By: Reenie


This world has not been the same since after the 9/11.

And, today my thoughts are

... with my very dear friend Ellie, whose life changed drastically following the 9/11....

... with those (including Ellie's husband Liam) who perished with the towers...

... with those who are/ were victims of mass generalization and much discrimination- following an epidemic of 'post 9/11 thought process' that goes in the line of 'Muslims = Terrorists'... Please remember that there is good, bad, great and evil in each and every group... and while 'generalization' is the easy way, it is not the right one.

... and finally and foremost those- like Ellie- who lost a loved one when the towers came crashing down. I cannot even imagine the extent of this loss and I do not want to underestimate it by saying that I do.

I am very very sad for what this world has lost after those planes crashed themselves into the towers. I really am.

I would think you are too.

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