Friday, September 10, 2010 | By: Reenie

Mercury, come back...

I have always been stubborn... more during my teens than now. Those years, when the liquid mercury in me turned into hard steel by some dark magical power every now and then- I was no less than that bull you may have read about. I would be blinded in the one-track-mind maze and ‘get it done’- focus, small goals, hit... rinse, lather and repeat- everything else forgotten.

Through the years, I changed somewhat... I grew up and let my hair down. Many a times situation demanded the steel and sometimes I would allow it too; but ‘stubbornness’ was no longer my ‘defining’ characteristic attribute, because those incidents were few and far between. I’m not sure I have a defining attribute anymore- I gathered life was too short to be taken too seriously and actively started to seek out ‘peace, quiet and laid-back-ness’ instead... and most of the time, this philosophy worked to the point that the 'steel' was forgotten.

Then yesterday, I felt it again- the steel. I now know that the steel-headed bull in me still exists... and for my own sanity– I'm hoping that it is not long now till I have started with my CPA Programme enrolment and landed myself on to a new job.

... because in my current one, I may have just had enough :).
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