Monday, September 6, 2010 | By: Reenie

Pennies in the well...

The floofy little kitten surely knows the art of ‘looking good no matter what'; because though you are definite to catch glimpses of his shaved belly (ultrasound), the shaved throat (blood test), one shaved front leg (drip) and then another one (another blood test) every once in a while... then, one look at those striking abundant-blue eyes and all else seems inconsequential...

... those are my moments of wonder.

I have my moments of heartbreak, too, realizing that those missing patches are the evidences of the illness that has grown in his young body; but in a less depressive way- those are also the evidences that we are trying to get him well, these are our efforts and the evidence that he is loved... that should count to be something, right?

I do not much expect ‘fairness’ from life- I have seen that it mostly isn’t, I am not a religious person- I do not have a God, I am more a cynic than I’d like myself to be... but one thing I do believe is that ‘giving a damn’ can take you a long way, because you try more when you do... and it is that ‘care’ that teaches us that ‘giving up’ is actually much much harder than ‘hanging on’.
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