Monday, October 25, 2010 | By: Reenie

Back in the Silver light

One of the things that make it up for waking up at the wee hours for work is this...

... the beautiful Yarra River- that flows through the heart of Melbourne.

Yarra is breathtaking and this photo does not do her justice; but trust me she is very pretty, specially in Summer... coming to work is ‘almost nice’ when there is Silver sunlight, won’t you agree?

This is also the very sight that I took one look at, many years back, and felt like I was home... I had never in my life felt like this for any place before- that sense of belonging, that feeling of ‘home’... and this silver sunlight is the very reason I love the Melbourne’s Summers so much.

There it is, my friends... time for me to enjoy my Yarra, this Silver Summer light, my City.... and look at my life with my Crazy and my very own little ‘Sher’ (my cat’s name, which in Persian- means a ‘Lion’) in this new light...

... after all, life is short and there are only so many Summers to enjoy... and I want to enjoy it the fullest while I can.

What is it about ‘your’ City that you love the most?
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