Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | By: Reenie

The best you can do- is to fake it...

I want to be here, but I am really not... or is it the other way round- that I am here even though I’d rather not? Oh well, who knows. All I know is that Hayfever has claimed me and I’m trying to find my way back to recovery...

As it stands right now, I can’t decide what is worse- the itchy swollen eyes, the fatigue, or the fact that I am working at a much reduced mental capacity; the world around me is at the risk of me suddenly forgetting the time and place and instinctively sticking the tongue out to answer at least some from the incessant flow of stupid questions by this annoying and usually-very-rude colleague of mine.

I don’t mean to be vindictive- but can I be that kind of ‘insane’ for once and later claim my reputation back from my Hay Fever insurance? I can’t? Yea, thought so. Shucks.

[Title Credit: Sometimes you can’t make it- U2; Art Credit: Veggie]
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