Thursday, October 28, 2010 | By: Reenie

Dirt and Daisies hit the pave

This week has been busy... long hours at work, skipped lunches, a million emails, a gazillion spreadsheets, a head full of swimming thoughts...

... but even then- I did come back to this page to ‘compose’ something... a few times; only that I did not quite manage it... looks like exhaustion, long hours and skipped lunches have taken their tolls on my brain... and these days words just float and wiggle away, and spilling them over here is just as difficult as it is to keep them within.

... and in an effort to ‘un-clutter’ my brain, here I am again- with not much to say, but saying it anyway- at least trying to... unfortunately though my brain presently much represents the state at which my fridge is in- not quite empty, but nothing there that can create a decent meal.

Well, at least I tried...

This finally is my 100th post. Could be better- but hey, no worries :)

[Image Credit: My Dear Friend, M-Mono; Title Credit: Oh Hark! by Lisa Mitchell]
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