Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | By: Reenie

That Silver Thing

My closest friend at work is going away next month- maternity leave- for six months... and the second closest- off he is to the USA for the Summer vacation (our Summer, I mean). Me, however? I have overdrawn on my Annual Leave back in July and staying right here in Melbourne...Yup, ALL THIS TIME. Not the most exciting of plans, you say?

True that in four weeks or so- my lunch times at work will get a little lonely, but at least the weather will be good and the beach near my work is not going anywhere!

Strange as it may sound, I am actually looking forward to those walks and the breaks. I have always liked some 'alone time' and besides, this weather makes me feel so contented that it almost seems exaggerated!

I am looking forward to the 4 days in November (Melbourne Cup), the 11 days in December (Christmas closure), Spring followed by Summer and plenty of beach time! And on top of that, I will get to spend a lot of time with my adorable four-legged furbaby...!

Silver lining, guys... sometimes (though not always) that lining does not seem ever-so-mythical... sometimes 'that silver thing' is a nice treat served on a tray with cherry on top... just for you :)

[Image credit: My lovely buddy, Simz]
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