Saturday, October 23, 2010 | By: Reenie

My Love, she throws me like a Rubber Ball...

Today's Guest Post is from my friend Old Kitty. I will let her do (most of) the talking:

I wrote this poem last year during my writing course. Actually the original was longer, more awkward, technically challenged and downright pants.

As I am currently in an editing type of mood with my monstrous novel, I thought I’d air this poem in its edited glory just one more time.

No need to tell me not to give up my day job. Trust me this does not reek as the original did. It just sort of pongs a little. And that for me is progress.


The Hot Water Bottle

You keep me warm, cosy, comforted
You are covered in soft red fleece
I hug you in fear of the cold

Sometimes I wonder if you will explode.

I can move you around my body.
My toes wiggle under your warmth
You keep the brutal chill at bay
You chase the icicles away.

You stay with me as I drool and snore
You keep with me until the morn
You always start heat-hot and grow lukewarm
But you never ever blow cold.

Reenie's note:

It is now getting pleasantly warm over here in Australia: late-Spring is leading way to Summer; but of course- Old Kitty lives in the UK where the love for the 'Hot Water Bottle' is in the season, I'm sure. Hehe...

I enjoyed this silly poem, hope you did too... (and LOL at the 'pongs a little'!). Those of you who'd like to say 'hi'- she writes here and I recommend you especially read this, this and this- my favourite blog-posts in recent times.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

[Image Credit: Internet; Title Credit: The Sweetest Thing- U2]
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