Saturday, October 9, 2010 | By: Reenie

Perhaps I need some Red Bull...

I am so fatigued since the last few days that it is not funny... or cute.

... so fatigued you may think that I’m turning into a cat- catnapping the weekend away... only much much less floofy and much less adorable- actually far from it.

I plan to waste away this weekend to top up the energy level once again... perhaps some beach time and some wicked steak from the local steak house (with loads of mushroom sauce on top!) will help me do just that.

... but before I do any of those, a hot bubble bath (with plenty of bath salt) is in order... only if I can find the energy to turn the water on...

Oh well... have a great weekend, everyone!

On a semi-random note, I think a mushroom sauce is the BEST thing about a Porterhouse... it can be very pleasantly addictive. Yum! And, yup, that's MY baby in the photograph!! Cuteness, yes?!
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