Sunday, October 31, 2010 | By: Reenie

Through rain, wind and sun

Yup, that’s us- on a day-out to the Brighton Beach- with the wind chilly and the sky sunny.

... but who bothers about the chill when there’s sunlight this pretty... and when there is this boy by my side- through rain, wind and sun? 

Sometimes talking about the not-so-good is much easier; and to an untrained eye- I may not seem appreciative of what is consistently good in my life...

... but I do appreciate.

I just do not have the words to express it most of the times and even when I do- that four-lettered-word is something I have struggled to speak of all my life anyway... but regardless of it all, I am at times amazed and always happy to find Crazy by my side...

... and in my life, THAT is one 'consistent good'...

... what is it in yours? :)

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